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PTMA Water and Sewer Rules and Regulations

Penn Township Municipal Authority (PTMA) has been notified by the regional sewer treatment facility, known as the Eastern Snyder County Regional Authority (ESCRA), that the grease and organic discharges from PTMA customers have exceeded the allowable limits. According to ESCRA, most of the overload comes from food waste and large grease discharges.

An empty coffee can kept in your refrigerator will solidify the oils for easy disposal with your household trash. All other items should also be disposed of with the normal household trash, NOT dumped into the PTMA sewer system. If the grease and organic discharge overload persists, PTMA will be charged a substantial fee from the regional authority, which ultimately will force PTMA to substantially raise your quarterly sewer rates. We ask that you make a vigilant effort to dispose of cooking greases, oils, fats and other non-flushable products in the proper manner.

The Authority requires all sewer vents to be 18 inches above the ground level. To avoid sewer problems, please ensure your sewer vent is at the required height and is free of debris.

It has become increasingly difficult for the PTMA Water Operators to read some of our customer's water meters due to overgrown shrubs and bushes located in front of the meter touch read pads. A water meter touch read pad is a black oval plastic pad attached to the exterior of the home, which allows PTMA operators to read the water meter without entering the home. PTMA operators must be able to easily access all meter touch read pads. Please be sure that the meter touch read pad, located on the exterior of your home, is easily accessible and clear of bushes or shrubs.

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